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in Partnership with NCBC

in Partnership with NCBC

EmpoWEring women to learn their breast density and take charge of their breast cancer screenings.

What IS Breast Density?

Can YOU find the cancer?
Breasts are made of 1) fat which appears black/grey on a mammogram,
and 2) fibroglandular tissue which appears white on a mammogram.
The ratio or the two determines your density category – A, B, C, or D.

WHY do I need to know my breast density?

The denser your breasts the higher your RISK of developing breast cancer
AND the less likely mammography alone will detect it.

How do I find out MY breast density?

Mainly by your mammo report – it should be in there! If you are 40+ and have not gotten a mammo or you are overdue, schedule your next mammogram today!

How do you
Check Your Chart?

First, you have to get into the right portal!
How do I find out?

What do I look for in my mammogram report?

Density words, ABCD . . . is there any mention of additional screening?

Collaborating with your doctor!

What if I am upset
about what I find out?



  • Interpreting medical reports can be challenging and we often have follow-up questions. Use this script next time you call your healthcare provider to make sure you’re getting all your information about your visit!

    “Hello, I am calling in regards to my mammogram report. I would like to clarify my breast density category, either A,B,C, or D, and discuss with the provider if any additional imagining is required or recommended.”


Women with various density