My Density Matters: An MPH Student’s Perspective December 9, 2021

By Michelle Schroeder
Masters of Public Health Student, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health

Leslie, Susan, and Gina have taught me so much about, first and foremost, breast density as a risk factor for breast cancer, but they have also taught me how to remain driven and unwavering in support for their cause and their people. And the message of My Density Matters deserves the spotlight.

I came to this organization with a background in preventive cancer screening, yet I, too, was operating under the misconception that mammograms are effective in detecting breast cancer in all women. It is time to shed light on the shortcomings of breast cancer screening standards of care and to empower women to understand their breast density status and how that affects their screening options.

The My Density Matters and Healthy Washington Heights team is a perfect example of what organized efforts to achieve a mission should look like. Tireless, open, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, so certain of their purpose in this space.

With that, I can’t wait to see what the My Density Matters efforts will achieve and where this experience will lead me!