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Check Your Chart™

Text: Check Your Chart to 211-411

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Check Your Chart™ is an education to ACTION initiative inspiring women to obtain their mammogram report from their online patient portal, learn their breast density, and communicate with their doctor(s) to collaborate on additional breast cancer screening.

Why should you check your chart? Your personal health information (medical visits, test results, etc.) is in your online patient portal, as well as an opportunity to send your doctor messages and questions about your health.


Text: Check Your Chart to 211-411

to access additional educational content about breast density, additional screening, and more.

Msg & data rates may apply

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What is breast density?

Breast tissue is composed of milk glands, milk ducts and supportive tissue. These make up the dense tissue in the breast. Breasts also include fatty tissue, which is not dense tissue. On a mammogram, fatty tissue appears dark & transparent. Dense breast tissue appears as a solid white area. The ratio of dense breast tissue and non-dense breast tissue determines your density category – A, B, C, or D.[23]

Breast Density Categories:
A – almost entirely fatty
B – scattered fibroglandular
C – heterogeneously dense
D – extremely dense

Breast Density example by Matt Covington

Why do I need to know my breast density?

You need to know your breast density for TWO reasons!

#1 – The more dense your breast, the higher your likelihood of developing breast cancer. 71% of breast cancers are in women with dense breasts. A woman with extremely dense breasts is 4-6 times more likely to develop breast cancer than a woman with very little breast density.[22]

#2 – The more dense your breasts, the less likely mammography alone will find your breast cancer.[21]

Dr. Barry Rosen, MD

How do I find out my breast density?

It all starts with a mammogram.

The way to find out your breast density is to read your mammogram report. If you’ve had a recent mammogram, you are ready to Check Your Chart™.

If you are over 40 or you are overdue for your next mammogram, schedule it today! Then Check Your Chart™ on your online portal to find out your breast density.

Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley, MD

How do you Check Your Chart™ to find out your breast density?

First, you have to get into the right portal!

If you don’t already have access to your online portal, it can be confusing and frustrating to get started.  By law, your medical records must be accessible to you electronically. Call your doctor’s office for login instructions.

What do I look for in my
mammogram report?

Look for a recommendation for additional screening OR any discussion of breast density using the following words or letters:
A – almost entirely fatty
B – scattered fibroglandular
C – heterogeneously dense
D – extremely dense

If you are category C or D, or if you see recommendations for additional screening, collaborate with your doctor to get the additional screening you need. More on what to look for.

Dr. Randy C. Miles, MD, MPH

How do I collaborate with my doctor?

>> In Person

>> On the phone / telehealth

>> Through your portal message system
sample portal messages

Dr. Monique Gary, MD

Helpful Downloads

EmpoWEring women to learn their breast density and take charge of their breast cancer screening.

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