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Another Scary Thing About Breast Cancer & ‘Family History’ October 22, 2020

About 85% of breast cancer diagnoses
 are in women with NO known family history.

Why is it then, that the first question asked after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer is invariably, ‘Does it run in your family?’. We so often think that family history is the primary risk factor, or reason, for getting breast cancer, when in fact it is only true for a small percentage.

This myth, that most breast cancer is in women where it ‘runs in the family’, can promote dangerous consequences.

For most of us with no family history, this myth may lull us into thinking that since we have no family history that it won’t happen to us, tempting us to let down our guard. We may think we don’t need to be so diligent about getting screening, or that we don’t need to get additional screening because our breasts are dense. Perhaps we think we can get by with putting our breast health on the back burner. Have you had these thoughts?

Don’t be fooled, as many people are.
You are NOT off the hook if breast cancer doesn’t run in your family.

 In fact, breast density is a higher risk factor than family history (except for those 1-3% of women who are genetically predisposed)

  • Stay diligent
  • Talk with you doctor about your overall risk
  • Know your density
  • Advocate for yourself to get the additional breast cancer screening you deserve.

Please comment below.  Have you been surprised at your or a loved one’s diagnosis that seemed to just happen out the blue?  No family history?

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Leslie Ferris Yerger
Co-Founder www.MyDensityMatters.org

Author, Probably Benign, A Devastating Diagnosis, and 500 Mile Journey, and a Quest to Advance the next generation in Breast Cancer Screening:   www.probablybenign.com