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Find Out My Breast Density Day

February 22, 2022

The purpose of the day is to inform and educate women worldwide about breast density as a risk factor for breast cancer. It is a day for many voices to come together in unison for the benefit of women everywhere.
The goal is to empower women to find out their breast density, and to speak with their doctors about additional screening. It is time for more women with breast cancer to become survivors.
We started the day with an authentic discussion with survivors and doctors about the risk of having breast density. Watch the 15 minute enlightening video.

Time to get real – beyond the cold hard facts & figures. Witness this raw and honest conversation where both patients and doctors talk about the impact of breast density on themselves, their friends and family, and their patients. Meet Dr. Barry Rosen, MD, Dr. Nila Alsheik, MD, and Roberta Albany, Founder of Cancer in the Know.  Don’t miss this one!

We capped off the day with a Twitter Chat featuring Dr. Randy Miles, MD of Denver Health.

Get a recap with this Twitter Moment where you can still like, reply/comment, and retweet.

Thank you to the MANY companies, nonprofits, and individuals who came together to make this day such a success. Together we make a difference!

Collaborating with partners globally
to empower women ALL over the world