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11.07.22 | Article | UIC - Breast Cancer Screening Awareness

Dr. Kulkarni of the University of Chicago Radiology Breast Section, Leslie Ferris Yerger of My Density Matters, and Allison Liu of Bridgeport Free Clinic collaborated with the Chinese Christian Union Church to host an event for church members about breast cancer screening on October 30th.

10.19.2022 | CBS New | Raising Awareness of Breast Density

Leslie Ferris Yerger, founder and CEO of My Density Matters, speaks on raising awareness about undetected breast cancer and breast density.

10.06.2022 | WGN Medical Watch

A False Peace of Mind: Empowering Women to know all options for Breast Cancer Screening

09.15.22 | Press Release | Check Your Chart(TM) Initiative

My Density Matters Launches Action Initiative for Earlier Breast Cancer Diagnosis

09.13.22 | Press Release | Heidi's Hope Box

Power Planter Launches “Heidi’s Hope Box” to Bring Awareness to Early Breast Cancer Detection

02.17.22 | Press Release | Find Out My Breast Density Day

2nd Annual Find Out My Breast Density Day coming Feb. 22, 2022

01.02.2022 | Making A Difference Award for My Density Matters

Leslie Ferris Yerger awarded NBC’s “Making A Difference Award”

10.25.21 | Dense Breasts Can increase Cancer Risk, Hide Tumors

Dense breasts can increase cancer risk, hide tumors. Why aren’t some women being told?

10.21.21 | Forty Percent Have Hidden Risk

At least 40% of women have a hidden risk factor for breast cancer they may not know about … 

10.21.21 | Engaging Women with Enhanced Mammography Letters

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Radiology Today presents a discourse featuring a distinguished panel of breast imaging professionals.

10.19.21 | Breast-Tissue Density Vital Issue

My Density Matters is anxious to help women learn about their breast density as quickly as possible, then assist them with their screening options and insist on additional tests as necessary.

Women with various density