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A world where breast density no longer hinders the early detection of breast cancer.


To empower women to find out their breast density, learn their screening options, and insist on essential additional screening.


Leslie Ferris Yerger

Leslie Ferris Yerger

Founder & CEO
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Susan LePlae Miller

VP of Programs & Partnerships

Lisa Baer

Lisa Baer

VP of Marketing & Communications

Carmen G West

Carmen West

Director of Corporate Wellness

Kim Penny

Kim Penny

Director of Technology

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder

Masters of Public Health Intern

Founder / CEO - My Density Matters,Author & Speaker, Disrupting the Status Quo in Breast Cancer Screening
Founder / CEO –
My Density Matters,
Author & Speaker, Disrupting the Status Quo in Breast Cancer Screening

Our Founder, Leslie Ferris Yerger

I am not famous, or a member of the media, or a Hollywood star, nor am I particularly rich. That makes me pretty much just like most of you. In fact, I could be you—your daughter, your mother, your sister, your friend, or your coworker. I could be anyone you’ve ever loved in any way, for any reason. I am nobody in particular, but rather I am anybody, or everybody. And that’s precisely the problem.

I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in November of 2017 two months after an ‘all clear’ mammogram and ultrasound. My cancer was hidden by my dense breast tissue, left undetected to grow and spread. The fact that what happened to me really could happen to you and to anybody you know is exactly why I founded My Density Matters. It is not about me and my journey, but it is about you and yours, so that my story doesn’t become your story.

After you learn about breast density and why it is so important, I hope you will feel empowered to get additional breast cancer screening beyond mammography if you need it, no matter what it takes. I hope you will exercise your right to take ownership over your own body and get the breast cancer screening you so very much deserve.

And finally, I hope you will share and our social media messaging with friends and loved ones so that one day, more breast cancers will be found earlier, when the chances of survival are greatest. So that ultimately more women with breast cancer become survivors.

Much love to you,

Leslie Ferris Yerger

PS. My heartfelt gratitude to the physicians providing medical expertise, and to our incredible partners that make it all possible!

“My Density Matters is an easy way for women to understand breast density and to get the tools they need to be their own breast cancer screening advocate. Every woman, especially those with dense breasts, must advocate for her own optimal breast cancer screening. My Density Matters is a fast and useful way for women everywhere to do just that!”

Dr. Connelia Ha
Medical Director of Radiology
at Mercy Medical Center – CHSLI

“Breast cancer can be very difficult to see in the mammograms in women with dense breasts and is a huge hindrance to diagnosing women early when the chances of survival are greatest.  This website presents the issue clearly so that women can then better advocate for themselves.”

Dr. Robin Shermis
Medical Director of ProMedica Breast Care
Member of Toledo Radiological Associates
Women with various density