"Find Out My Breast Density Day": Unveiling 'Breast Tools' for Empowerment on February 21, 2024 February 12, 2024

As February 21, 2024 approaches, My Density Matters is gearing up for a pivotal event— “Find Out My Breast Density Day.” This isn’t just a date; it’s an open invitation to individuals, groups, and corporations to unite in a shared commitment to breast health. 

The Theme: Breast Tools to Assess, Act, and Communicate

This year’s theme, ‘Breast Tools,’ takes center stage—crafted to empower everyone to Assess, Act, and Communicate about breast density. The comprehensive Check Your Chart™ program and website downloads incorporate the latest research, our Breast Health Guide is based on ACR (American College of Radiology) recommendations, and is meant for women ages 18 and older.

Assess with the ACR-Based Breast Health Guide

Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment. Our newly launched Breast Health Guide, intricately aligned with ACR recommendations, is your passport to assessment. Fast and simple, informative, and personalized, this guide offers insights into your breast density and other risk factors, and recommends actions aligned with the highest medical standards.

Act with Check Your Chart™ Program

Empower yourself to advocate for your health with our Check Your Chart™ program. Dive into your personal information, gaining the knowledge you need to navigate your health journey confidently. It’s not just a chart; it’s your tool to empower informed decision-making.

Communicate with Website Downloads

Effective communication bridges gaps. Our website downloads provide you with the tools to engage with your doctors, insurance companies, and other professionals. Transform awareness into action as you advocate for your health with the resources at your fingertips.

Join the Half-Hour TV Program on Social Media Channels

On February 21, 2024, we invite one and all to tune in to our half-hour TV program streamed on our social media channels at noon Central time. Gather your friends, colleagues, and family for an insightful journey into breast health. Learn, engage, and be part of a community committed to being empowered to advocate for themselves and others.

All Are Welcome

“Find Out My Breast Density Day” is inclusive and welcoming. We extend the invitation to individuals, groups, and corporations to join this collective effort towards a future where everyone, starting at age 18, is equipped with tools to navigate their breast health journey confidently.

Save the date, spread the word, and let’s make February 21, 2024, a landmark day for breast health, rooted in the highest medical standards and personal empowerment.

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