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It Was Never Really About the Tweets… March 17, 2021

We recently hosted #FindOutMyBreastDensityDay on February 24, 2021, collaborating with 25 organizations to create a social media blitz. The goal was to empower women to find out their breast density, and IF they are dense to talk with their doctor about additional breast cancer screening.

By any measure, the event was a big success. There were 700,000+ tweet impressions and views across four social media platforms. The likes, shares, comments, and retweets mounted up quickly over the course of the day.

It was fun, exhilarating, and so worth the effort!

While it is tempting to get excited about all of those social media views, it is important to remember it was never really about the number of tweets, how pretty the posts were, or how many new followers we got. It was about saving lives. The earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the higher the likelihood a woman will survive the disease.

Until we find the cure for breast cancer, early detection is the key to survival – and we can do better at early detection than our current standard of care offers women with dense breasts.

Empowering women with dense breasts to take charge of their own breast cancer screening is a must until what they need in addition to mammography becomes standard of care. We will keep doing what we do until every woman gets the breast cancer screening that is most likely to find her breast cancer – no matter how many tweets it takes!

Events like this are never done in isolation. Lisa Baer, Susan LePlae Miller of Pieces of I, LLC, Kim Penny of Cyber Sizzle Media, and all of our great partners made it what it was!

So grateful!
~ Leslie Ferris Yerger, Founder: MyDensityMatters.org

A few of the empowering comments from #FindOutMyBreastDensityDay:

Thanks for posting the chart on breast density. It applies to my wife, and ever since your first post I’ve been nudging her to make her (delayed) appointment for an annual check up. I lost my Aunt to BC. My mom was a 29-year survivor. Thanks for the nudge.’ – John H.

Just went to the OB/GYN this morning and have a prescription for a mammogram. I looked up my old mammogram reports, and they do say ‘dense breasts’. It is so scary. I  always felt invincible, but not anymore. I will be talking to my doctor about what else is available to me’. – Sue L.

‘This is great! After just going through my first mammogram experience, I now understand how this can be informative and helpful to women!’. – Elizabeth P.

‘I knew I was dense, but never really understood what it meant!’. – Mary P.

‘Yikes! I am a category D – extremely dense breasts. I knew that before but had no idea that made me a higher risk.’ – Mary F.