When they tell us ‘We don’t need to know’, we throw the BS flag. November 22, 2020

All too often women will ask their doctor, ‘How dense are my breasts?’, and they will be told they don’t need to know.

We say #bullshit. We throw the BS flag as if that response is akin to foul play in a ballgame. Because quite frankly it is.

Nope. We have to stop, push back, and call it what it is.

It our right to know all of the information about our bodies. Plain and simple. Our breast density should be written in our mammogram reports, and if it is not clear, then we have to ask. It is our right to know, and we should not be put off because we are simply asking something they should be telling us in the first place.

If finding out your density becomes too difficult just so you can have a good conversation with your doctor about additional screening, that’s a good sign it is likely time to move on. If your doctor can’t or won’t tell you your breast density, then somebody else can and will.

If you are told you ‘don’t need to know’, be sure to throw the BS flag!

Download our list of potential roadblocks to getting additional breast cancer screening, and suggested ways to get around them.

(Stay tuned for the future blog, ‘It’s ok to leave your doctor’.)

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Leslie Ferris Yerger

Author, Probably Benign, A Devastating Diagnosis, and 500 Mile Journey, and a Quest to Advance the next generation in Breast Cancer Screening: